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The introduction of non-native species on ranches is more controversial because of concerns that these "exotics" may escape and contaminate the gene pool of native species, or spread previously unknown diseases. The advocates of hunting ranches argue in turn that they help protect native herds.

2 3 The Western adventures of famous figures, like. Theodore Roosevelt, were made available to paying guests from cities of the East, called " dudes " in the West. 4 5 In the early years, the transcontinental railroad network brought paying visitors to a local.

Taylor (1928). "Oh, Ranger! A Book about the National Parks. Stanford University Press. p. 17. ISBN. Retrieved rienne Rose Johnson (2012 "Romancing the Dude Ranch, 19261947", Western Historical Quarterly, via Oxford University Press Journals (subscription required 43 (4 437461, doi : 10.2307/westhistquar., retrieved Richard A. Hill.

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Retrieved Rhonda Schulte "Antlers Ranch owner says Pehringer wasn't paid 'one dime' for services", Cody Enterprise, Cody, Wyoming, retrieved b Charly Seale "Saving endangered species by hunting them", Los Angeles Daily News, Los Angeles, California, retrieved External links edit).

1 This in turn led many people to have feelings of nostalgia for bygone days, but also, given that the risks of a true frontier were gone, allowed for nostalgia to be indulged in relative safety. Thus, the person referred to as a " tenderfoot.

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A number of working ranches have survived lean financial times by taking in paying guests for part of the year. Hunting ranches edit Some guest ranches cater to hunters. Some feature native wildlife such as whitetail deer, mule deer, bison or elk. 7 Others feature.

While there were guest ranches prior to the 20th century, the trend grew considerably after the end of. World War I, when postwar prosperity, the invention of the automobile and the appearance of Western movies all increased popular interest in the west. In 1926 the.

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