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In addition to her modeling career and internet personality, Bianca Kmiec has also been featured in the music video Im the One by. DJ Khaled Justin Bieber. Work Out Routine Bianca Kmiec is a true work out freak who gets maximum fulfillment in her regular.

Image source In todays world, making a living is not restricted to owning an office space especially with the wide usage of the internet which is what fitness model Bianca Kmiec saw, took advantage of and now she is soaring high in her career. She.

Furthermore, her line of business does not leave her any choice other than to continually improve on her looks. No pain no gain is the rule of the day for Bianca Kiem and this is glaring from the trimmed physique she flaunts on the internet.

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Bianca Kmiecs Bio This social media sensation is quite notorious for keeping her cards pretty close to her chest when it comes to her personal life. Bianca was born on the 4th of November 1998 in the U.S.A. Other than this, all effort to sniff.

Biancas popularity soon exceeded twitter to other social media platforms like Instagram where sources have it that she has been able to amass followers in excess of 600,000. This exposure has worked in the fitness models advantage as she has been able to land several.

For Bianca, one can say for sure that her life revolves around her career, her fitness routine and the promotion of healthy eating. Body Stats Quick Facts Birth Date: November 4th, 1998 Place of Birth: U.S.A. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 5 ft 9 inches Weight: 60 Kg Eye Color: Light brown eyes in color. Hair Color: Light Brown in color Bust: 36 inches Waist: 26 inches. Hips: 37 inches.

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Next on her list is cardio which she spices up with a variety of outdoor workouts like hiking, running and sprinting on the track, in addition to using HIIT programs to enhance her workout. Diet The internet star is an advocate of healthy eating and.

Here are Facts The Models Family Lif e Bianca Kmiec has not revealed much about her personal life nor her family life on the internet but sources have it that she comes from a long lineage of Austrian, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish and American descent.

Bianca also avoids oily foods and ensures to take the right amount of macronutrients daily as is seen in the food recipes she shares online. Endorsements The fitness model is currently being sponsored by a variety of nutrient supplement companies and she is said to.

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