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To shine the ball is a normal thing and it is understood. Alvin Naicker, Head of Production at Supersport. This was very coincidental to be quite honest, it got to Bancroft and the cameraman stayed on him and when he threw the ball away, he.

Collectively there is huge amounts of experience in cricket production. Alvin Naicker, Head of Production at Supersport. Listen below to this insightful interview: Written by.

3:10 PM Local cameramen were following ball-tamperer Cameron Bancroft's every move during the third test in Cape Town after noting something seemed strange was going on. Bancroft, along with now former captain Steve Smith, admitted to ball-tampering on Day 3 of the test after television.

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Alvin Naicker, Head of Production at Supersport. Naicker said they then tracked the dressing room and picked up that the coach was on a two-way walky-talky radio speaking to a player down at the field and showed both those clips. Showed this incident a few.

Speaking to Azania Mosaka, Alvin Naicker, Head of Production at Supersport said it all started down in Durban where they showed the ball after 25 overs in Durban versus the ball after 25 overs in Cape Town. He says one could see visibly that the.

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