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Ex fianc, Matt returned asking her to get back with him. Chloe had two options and decided that her destiny is to take the job and start a new chapter in her life away from Hollyoaks. References edit).

Max Cunningham ( Matt Littler ) and Sam "O.B." O'Brien ( Darren Jeffries ) which saw her on the trail of money making scams. 2 Dodd later stated that ultimately Matt Musgrove (Kristian Ealey) is the love of Chloe 's life. 2 Storylines edit Chloe.

Chloe Bruce is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks, played by Mikyla Dodd. The character first appeared onscreen in 2000. The character is noted for her storylines involving self-image issues and acting as the " agony aunt " within the.

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Two months later, Chloe returned and was a more relaxed person as she helped Max, Becca Hayton ( Ali Bastian Ben Davies ( Marcus Patric Izzy, OB and many other characters of the show to get over their problems. She found herself being Student Union.

1 Chloe was described as a seventeen-year-old at the audition and Dodd felt she was too old and would lose out to a younger actress, however she impressed Jo Hallow, when she returned home from the audition she found out she had secured the role.

4 Her character has also been described as 'breaking the mould' as the first plus-size character to feature in the series. 4. In 2009, five years after the character had left the series, a. BBC health organisation slammed Dodd for using her character as a.

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Mikyla became a bit of an agony aunt for the rest of the cast." 3 Character development edit Dodd has commented that she liked the fact her character looked a little bit different to everyone else on the show. 1 She also stated that her.

During her wedding day, Chloe was shocked when Tony accused her of giving him counterfeit money for the catering. The matter had got even more serious as Matt waited at the altar, Chloe arrived and shocked everyone when she told Matt that she could not.

They formed a close threesome, with the boys often enlisting Chloe to help them with money making schemes playing Mother Christmas when they started their own grotto. Chloe came into her own when she started at Hollyoaks Community College and became friends with the other.

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