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Corinne received an Academy Award nomination for her role in "The Divine Lady" (1929 in which she played Emma Hart, the English Lady Hamilton. This film has recently been restored. Her last Hollywood film was released in 1930; she never transitioned well to the sound.

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Corinne was married four times, including a marriage which was annulled after only thirty-three days, and another marriage to the owner of the. Redskins football team. At the time of her death from heart failure, on. July 13th, 1979, her personal estate was worth over.

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Corinne Griffith was born in Texarkana, Texas on November 24th, 1894. She was educated in a convent school in New. Orleans. Corinne began her screen career at the Vitagraph Studios in 1916. She later moved to First National, where she became one of their most.

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