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Lenya, a Jew who fled Germany in 1935, signed a Cabaret poster with the inscription: "For Georgie Reinholt - the only Nazi I ever cared for. Love, Lenya.". Mr. Reinholt also appeared with Grey on Broadway in The Grand Tour. Mr. Reinholt had parts in.

His parents were the late George Reinholt Sr. and Beatrice Kilpatrick Reinholt of South Philadelphia and Essington. Mr. Reinholt's acting career began in his teens at the Hedgerow Theatre in Rose Valley where his mentors were Hedgerow theatre founder Jasper Deeter and acting teacher Rose.

He was never tapped for the commercials or movie roles he wanted, he told the Times. In 1994, he appeared on the CBS television broadcast: 50 Years of Soaps: An All Star Celebration. He was introduced by fellow actors Peter Bergman of The Young and.

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Regional theatre credits included the Arena Stage in Washington, and the Pasadena Playhouse where he worked with friend and fellow Philadelphian Imogene Coca. His last performances were at the Wilma Theatre and the Delaware Theatre Company, Wilmington).

I despise dishonesty - that and intolerance. These are the big fire alarms with me.". The real-life Mr. Reinholt admitted that he treated women "like toys had never been in love, and was afraid to marry because of the inherent responsibility. "I want a woman.

Time slot on weekdays starting on May 4, 1964, four years before Mr. Reinholt joined the cast, and for that half-hour millions of American women were glued to the set. For four of the years he played Frame, Mr. Reinholt had the highest TV-Q rating.

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DJ Melissa Reeves, Izabella St. James, Betty Jaynes (actress), Sydney Sierota, Shizuka Inoh (Annie Yi)
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Along with Rachel Cory, played at various times by Robin Strasser and Victoria Wyndham, Mr. Reinholt and Courtney formed one of the most memorable love triangles in the history of soaps. In a 1971 New York Times article, Gloria Paternostro wrote that she sought out.

George Reinholt, 73, of Essington, one of daytime television's most popular stars in the 1960s and 1970s, died of cancer on Monday, Nov. 11, at Taylor Hospital, in Ridley Park. The handsome, dark-haired actor was best known for the character Steven Frame, the tycoon role.

He is also complex; friendly. cooperative, though a trifle moody, confident, yet vulnerable." At 30, the writer found him "intelligent, charming and responsive, with an almost startling integrity." He told her there were parallels between himself and his TV character. "He's aggressive, but not to.

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