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Speaking to Record Mirror in 1984, Lea revealed: "Nod had written the chorus of it in 1967. In those days it was all flower power and Sgt. Pepper and Nod had written this tune. The verse was naff but then he came to the chorus.

5 6 Contents History and background edit By 1973, Slade were one of the most popular bands in Britain, having achieved two number one singles". Cum On Feel The Noize " and " Skweeze Me Pleeze Me "in three months. These singles had both entered.

7 "Merry Xmas Everybody" took five days to finish, but the band disliked the first completed version. 9 It ended up being re-recorded, with the corridor outside used to record the chorus, 10 as it provided an appropriate echo. 9 In a 1984 interview with.

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22 23 That same year, the song was sampled by the novelty pop music act Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers for their song "Let's Party". At the time, The Sun reported that Slade had received 20,000 for use of the track, however a Slade spokesman.

The band mimed the song on Pebble Mill at One in 1991 while promoting the band's final single " Universe ". Critical reception edit Upon release, Record Mirror stated: "When Slade get hold of a Christmas song, inevitably it's something different. Holder and Lea, that.

Polydor, Slade's record label, were forced to use their French pressing plant to keep up with the demand, and the song eventually went on to sell over one million copies, 11 becoming the Christmas number one of 1973, beating another Christmas-themed song, " I Wish.

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14 The first verse then emerges in G major. 15 This is followed by the bridge then the chorus. This sequence is then repeated once, and followed by a solo part sung by Holder ( What will your daddy do/when he sees your mamma kissin'.

11 In 2009, PRS for Music announced that up to forty-two percent of the world's population could have listened to the song. Recording edit "Merry Xmas Everybody chorus" "Merry Xmas Everybody" is one of the most popular Christmas-themed songs in the UK. This short excerpt.

It remained in the charts for nine weeks until February 1974. 2 Released at the peak of the band's popularity, "Merry Xmas Everybody" sold over a million copies upon its first release. It is Slade's last number-one single, and by far their best-selling single. It.

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