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See Also: Ronni Hawk Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Siblings, Body Measurements. That was in New York City. She moved with her parents and brother to New Jersey where she was raised. For her education, Kayla has graduated from High School. The interesting thing about that was.

There is hardly a fan of Disney Channel sitcom Stuck in the Middle who isnt a fan of Kayla Maisonet. Most of Disneys faithful followers have watched the amazing young actress transit from a calm young girl to one of the most astonishing and beautiful women today.

The Disney darling revealed that she has always left her curly hair straightened because it always reminds her of who she is. It represents on side of who I am being Biracial, (I am half Puerto Rican) and I always choose to embrace my biggest.

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For Kayla Maisonet, the actress has sparked rumors that she and Nathaniel Potvin may just be dating. The two Disney kids have not stopped sharing some cute pictures of themselves looking couple-happy on Instagram. The first time the two got hooked up during the 18th.

She had the opportunity to learn dancing as early as when she was only 5 years old. After that, she got to appear on different national commercials such as the national Verizon holiday commercial. More so, with the help of her parents who always took.

Nevertheless, for now, it is expected that her Net Worth is decent enough).

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After the two were sighted at the premiere of. Descendants 2 together, the rumor that we may be having another powerful Disney couple down the road somewhere even got louder. Apart from the Mech-X4 star, there is no one that has been tagged as Kayla.

It was this that made her as popular as she is, and it still remains her biggest project so far. At the age of 15 (in 2014 Kayla won the 35th Young Artist Awards in the category of Best Performance in a TV Series Recurring.

Shmagreggie Saves the World. That was in 2012. Later in the same year, she featured as Lindsay in the TV show, Dog With A Blog which continued running till 2015. It was her first Disney Channel TV show. Lilly was the next character the young.

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