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Craft THE VILLAGE ARTISANS GALLERY offers a diverse unique selection of fine craft ranging from antique reproductions to contemporary jewelry. We specialize in bringing you the work of craft artists who take pride in the quality and individuality of their work. The gallery features the work of Pennsylvania artists, many.

Are one of a kind pieces, others are available in limited quantities and still others are usually available.  You are invited to visit our gallery in person and see all of the work first hand. _ Gay Foltz FOLK ART CARVER Nationally recognized as one of.

We carry the work of several of these artists, both as original work and reproduction cards.  We also have cards whose image is printed using leaves and other plant material. "Squirrels in a Leaf Pile" greeting card illustration by Cheryl Kugler "Cumberland Valley Winter" Calligraphy.

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There are stainless steel, copper and brass wall and plant sculptures, copper and brass garden ornaments and magic wands, wrought iron kitchen tools and candle holders, pewter leaf bowls and Christmas ornaments. Small All-Steel Copper and brass "Iris" "Ah. Spring" "Spring Run Off " "Sails" Abstract by Trudi Gilliam.

They produce functional as well a decorative pottery such as high fire stoneware dinnerware, salt glazed pots, PA Dutch red ware, porcelain vases and bowls, Raku pots, slip trailed porcelain ornaments, decorative tiles and whimsical sculptures. Willow Creek Pottery Raku pots cat Large teapot tea.

Among the books written by Douglas Gibboney are "Stonewall Jackson at Gettysburg a what-if story of the battle, "Murder at Cleaver Stadium a titillating mystery and the self explanatory "Scandals of the Civil War". "Tragic Glory" is another book by Douglas Gibboney. _ "Every time.

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Guy by Pequea Valley Forge Triple Cross Nativity made from square nails made from square nails by Travis Burford Steampunk Clock Book Steampunk Clock by Erin Keck by Erin Keck  by Erin Keck _ Fiber Art to wear is an apt description of the clothing.

_. Wood Our wood craftspeople produce a wide variety of wood products ranging from delicately turned wood bowls and vases, whimsical folk art carvings, sculptured duck, shorebird and fish decoys, beautifully crafted jewelry boxes and cutting boards to authentically reproduced Shaker boxes, painted Colonial boxes.

Wenger by Amber Kane Traditional Coverlet Rebecca Francis Weaver Quilted Purses Needle Felting      Silk Scarves by Leslie Bowman  by Bonnie T. Shaw by Robin Lathroum Fiber Artist _ Jewelry Our jewelry designers combine dichroic, stained and lampwork glass, semi-precious stones and pearls, porcelain, PMC and polymer clays.

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