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Lita Grey began working for Charles Chaplin at his Hollywood studio when she was 12, doing bit parts in a couple of movies of his. Three years later, at 15, she met Chaplin again, became pregnant by him and they were married in 1924, when she was 16 and he was 35.

Charlie Chaplins teenage wife Lita Grey described in bombshell divorce papers how the movie icon seduced her while she was underage, got her pregnant and made degrading sexual demands.

Lita Grey Chaplin was an actress known mostly for her tumultuous marriage to screen legend Charlie Chaplin.

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Sydney Earl Chaplin (March 30, 1926 March 3, 2009) was an American actor.

Actress. She began appearing in films in the 1920s and later working for Charlie Chaplin at his Hollywood studio when she was 12 years old. At the age of 15 she was pregnant by Chaplin and at 16, she married him. In 1927, after three years of marriage they divorced. She continued to act in plays and other things until.

Lita Grey, the exotic, sloe-eyed beauty who began acting with Charlie Chaplin when she was 12, became pregnant by him when she was 15, married him at 16 and then divorced him two years later, died Friday of cancer.

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Lita Grey (born Lillita Louise MacMurray; April 15, 1908 December 29, 1995 who was known for most of her life as Lita Grey Chaplin, was an American actress and the second wife of Charlie Chaplin).

Chaplin quickly moved on to his second wife, Lita Grey in 1924, whom he cast in his film, The Gold Rush. Once again, the 16-year-old actress claimed to have been forced to marry Chaplin after.

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