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Illustrated. Queenship and Revolution in Early Modern Europe: Henrietta Maria and Marie Antoinette by Carolyn Harris. The impeachment of England's Queen Henrietta Maria in 1643 and the trial of France's Queen Marie Antoinette in 1793 were also trials of monarchical government that shaped the English.

The author was a novelist who knew Henrietta personally. Charles II's Minette by Bryan Bevan. another book about Princess Henriette-Anne. Books About Henrietta's Husband Book About Charles II Books About James II Novels About Charles I Henrietta Maria The Young and Lonely King by Jane.

In 1623 the future King Charles I donned a false wig and, disguised as "Mr Smith journeyed to Madrid to secure the hand of the king of Spain's daughter. This book explores the failure of his romantic escapade and what it reveals about diplomacy, taste.

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Staging the Old Faith: Queen Henrietta Maria and the Theatre of Caroline England, 1625-42 by Caroline A. Bailey. Queen Henrietta Maria's ground-breaking performances showcased her role as defender of English Catholics. Queen Henrietta Maria's Court Women and Culture at the Courts of the Stuart Queens.

He had a truly extraordinary life - was captured by pirates twice, killed a man in a duel, and eventually became a slave. The King's Children Royal Renegades: The Children of Charles I and the English Civil Wars by Linda Porter. A tale of love.

The King's Smuggler: Jane Whorwood, Secret Agent to Charles I by John Fox. Jane Whorwood was one of Charles I's closest confidantes. She spied and smuggled gold for the king, organized escape attempts when he was prisoner, and may have had a brief affair with.

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Jenna McMahon, Helli Louise, Joy Hruby, Rachel Hunter, Deborah Watling (born 1948)
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Yet just more than 100 years later, the deferential Reformation had become a regicidal revolution. Britain in Revolution, by Austin Woolrych. Definitive history of the English Civil War, set in its full historical context from the accession of Charles I to the restoration of Charles.

King Charles I succeeded to the throne after the death of his father, James I. King Charles reigned from 1625 to 1649. His conflicts with Parliament led to the English Civil War. The royalist Cavaliers lost to the Puritan forces, called "Roundheads and the king.

Charles I: The Personal Monarch by Charles Carlton. This biography challenges the conventional view of the king. The White King: Charles I, Traitor, Murderer, Martyr by Leanda de Lisle. Biography of the high-minded king who paid a terrible price for the personal honor he valued.


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