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The Blands are surprised to learn how efficient their scheme is. After finding a flyer for cheap lock-installation service on their car, they decide for the safety of Paul's wine collection to have a new lock installed on their apartment. The locksmith is Raoul Mendoza.

These schemes do not work. The Blands are in danger of losing the property they wish to buy for the restaurant to another buyer. To drum up business quickly, they attend a swingers party in search of victims. Paul loses his temper and hurls a.

Paul confronts Raoul, and with each in a compromising position, they strike a deal: neither will report the other, and Raoul will dispose of the bodies, which he says he can "exchange" for cash for them to split. One night, Mary's client does not show.

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American Film Institute. Retrieved August 23, 2017. Eating Raoul at the Internet Off-Broadway Database Archived at the Wayback Machine. "A thriving, extensive, or rapidly moving volume of trade." a b Lawrence Van Gelder. "At the Movies". New York Times. Retrieved February 12, 2008. External links edit.

However the client arrives late, refuses to accept Mary's protest that he missed his appointment, and tries to rape her. Raoul happens to arrive, and strangles the client. Raoul then offers Mary marijuana and they have sex. Paul subsequently becomes suspicious of Raoul and follows.

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With no meat in the house and no time to buy any, they cook Raoul and serve him for dinner, describing the dish which the agent suggests they include on the menu as "Spanish". The last shot of the film is Paul and Mary smiling.

Woronov and Beltran appeared together again in Night of the Comet (1984 though not as their Eating Raoul characters; the two also starred together in Bartel's critically acclaimed follow-up feature Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills in 1989. Musical edit Eating Raoul, a.

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