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Produced by Shinhwa's Andy Lee OFFROAD Male Kairos Entertainment Sep 19 5 Member G.I and Seunghun left the Group. Daewon HaBin joined the group. BBde Girl Female Bigstar Entertainment Sep 20 6 Member Sujin is a former member of HAM Rainy Female SW Entertainment Sep Mr. Slam Male Kkun Entertainment Sep Lunafly Male Nega Network Sep 27 3.

Member Daniel was arrested in March 2013 for dealing marijuana and was sentenced to two years of probation, 120 hours of community service, 80 hours of substance abuse rehab, and a fine of 7,168,000 won Bebe Mignon Female YWHO Golden Bridge Sep Co-ed School Co-ed.

In 2013 the lineup was replaced with slender girls. BBAN Female Winner J Entertainment Feb F-ve Dolls Female Core Contents Media Feb Member Yeonkyung is also a member of The SeeYa. Members Hyoyoung and Hyewon are former members of Co-ed School LA. G Female Inter.

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Following the incident, another Chinese member, Luhan, also filed a lawsuit due to health and unfair treatment between the Korean members and the Chinese members, then resulting his exit of EXO. Ruby Female HY Entertainment Apr Male EM Brothers Apr HELLOVENUS Female Fantagio May 5.

This is a List of South Korean idol groups that debuted in the 2010s. See also the list of groups that debuted in the 1990s and the 2000s. Contents show Name Gender Agency. Debut Date Member No. Sub-Units Japan Debut Date Disbanded. Notes English Korean.

The group is the largest kpop group, with 21 members at its peak. In June 2014, the group changed to having 15 members, but still holds the record for largest kpop group. Mostly promotes in Japan Crispi Crunch Male Simtong Entertainment Nov Girl2School Female DNI.

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Heidemarie Fuentes, Lesley Ann Warren, Winter Ave Zoli, Godfrey Tearle (1884?953), Other sports
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K Entertainment Jul BoM Male Y2Y Contents Company Jul Twi-light Male Yeil Entertainment Aug Elizabeth Female South Park Entertainment Aug Chocolat Female Paramount Music Aug Super 8 Bit Female Evans Music Aug Swing Girls Female Jang Entertainment Aug Stellar Female Top Class Entertainment Aug BB.

CNBLUE Male FNC Entertainment Jan 14 4 Oct 19 2011 Oneway Male YJ Music Feb The Boss Male Poom Entertainment Mar 04 3 Popsicle Apr All of The Boss are former XING members Vanilla Lucy Female HM Entertainment Apr NISE Male SH Entertainment Apr UV.

APink Female A Cube Entertainment Apr 19 6 Oct B1A4 Male WM Entertainment Apr 21 5 Jun X-5 Male Open World Entertainment Apr Member Ghun is a former member of 3Chongsa and member Zin is a former member of XING SpinEL Female CJ E M.


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