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'I wish we could have all been together he wrote in a letter sent to Alastair on his son's birthday, 'but we shall meet again soon and then we shall have treats. Have you heard about the Toad? He was never taken prisoner by brigands.

Dreaming Of Toad Hall is on Radio 4 on Tuesday at 11.30am.

But, with his bad eyesight, Alastair's existence was increasingly miserable and solitary. On May 7, 1920, after dining in college, he lay face down on a railway track leading across Oxford's Port Meadow and was decapitated by a train. Poignantly, Gauger reveals, after Alastair's death.

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The character was invented as a distraction to entertain his troubled and only son, Alastair. Enlarge Dark secret: Academics say Kenneth Grahame wrote the Wind in the Willow stories as a substitute for being a parent. Next month, as Grahame fans celebrate the 100th anniversary.

'It's his excuse for communicating with his son.'. Kenneth Grahame expert Annie Gauger adds, 'The letters filled the space left by the tattered relationship between father and son. The tales of Toad were as much to assuage Grahame's guilt as to entertain Alastair.'. Grahame's apparent.

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Nicknamed 'Mouse' by his father and indulged to the point of delinquency, Alastair's increasingly bizarre behaviour included attacking other children while playing in London's Kensington Gardens, and lying down in the road in front of cars and forcing them to stop. Enlarge Kenneth Grahame, author.

He died, aged 73, in 1932 after suffering a brain haemorrhage. How terribly ironic, then, that something Grahame dreamed up to compensate for his inability to comfort his own son has, for the past century, brought comfort and happiness to generations of children. And what.

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