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(SG144) The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA ) in Los Angeles listed it as 1964 during their Andy Warhol retrospective. Victor Bockris also listed it in 1964 in his filmography. (LD507) Alan Marlowe/Diane di Prima (AD292) Filmed: "soon after 29 January, 1964" (RW44) Poet Diane.

(AD58) Denis Deegan Filmed: 1963 Cast includes: Denis Deegan (AD61) Kiss Filmed: c: August 1963- end 1964 Series of short films including: Freddy (Freddie) Herko, Johnny Dodd, Mark Lancaster, Gerard Malanga, Naomi Levine, Ed Sanders, Rufus Collins, Baby Jane Holzer, John Palmer, Andrew Meyer, Charlotte.

Mekas provides no description, and I have not been able to locate this film. Freddy Herko and Debby Lee. Mekas notes that it exists only in an original print." (SG144) Haircut No. 1 Filmed: End 1963 Cast includes: Billy Name (Linich John Daley, Freddy Herko.

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But in Popism, Andy Warhol mentions both Roller Skate and Freddy Herko dance footage as separate projects: Andy Warhol (via Pat Hackett in Popism I filmed Freddy three times. The first time was just a short dance thing on a roof. The second was a.

Stills taken by Billy Name during the shooting show the paint and foil in the Factory's bathroom as "freshly applied" and the ceiling of the Factory as only partially painted with silver - confirming that the film is from early 1964, before the Factory paint.

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Marlowe was married to di Prima from 1962 to 1969. (DQ) He was also the lover of Warhol star Freddy Herko. From Andy Warhol, Poetry, and Gossip in the 1960s by Reva Wolf: Warhol filmed the short episode-like movie of di Prima and Marlowe. soon.

Hand Job consisted of a shorter approach to the subject of sleep. This time, Warhol would keep his Zapgruder speed film trained on his boy's face while John jerked off. He shot the film in the doorway of the toilet at the back of the.

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