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In Indonesia, it is usually romanized as Tjoa (old (dutch) spelling) or Chua (current spelling) and in the Philippines, it is Chua /tuwa/ or Cua kuwa/ or /kwa. Chua is pronounced /twa/ in other Anglophone countries outside the Philippines. Other variations include Chye and Coi.

In Hakka it is Tshai in Phak-fa-s. (In Tongyong pinyin, it is Cai in Siyen Hakka and Cai in Hoiliuk Hakka.) In Fuzhou dialect, it is Chái (in Bàng-uâ-c ). Other languages edit Koreans use Chinese-derived family names and in Korean, Cai is in Hangul.

Hispanicized forms of the name include Chuachiaco, Chuakay, Chuapoco, Chuaquico, Chuacuco, Chuason, Chuateco, and Chuatoco. 4 These names were formed from the surname, one character of the given name, and the suffix "-co a Minnan honorific ko literally meaning "older brother". 4 In Thailand, most.

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During the Huang Chao Rebellion ( AD 875) at the end of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907 the Cai clan migrated to Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Another later migration occurred when Ming Dynasty loyalist Koxinga moved military officials surnamed Cai and their families to Taiwan.

Japanese do not use Chinese family names but for Chinese in Japan who carry the name, it is in Hiragana and Sai in the major romanization systems. Romanization edit Cai is romanized as Cai in the People's Republic of China, Tsai (or occasionally Tsay or.

Some 600 years later in the Warring States period, the State of Chu conquered Cai in 447 BC and was itself conquered by the Qin state which, in turn, formed the Qin Empire, China's first empire. With the spread of family names to all social.

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"Tsai" redirects here. For the less common surname, see. Zai (surname). Cài ( Chinese : ) is a Chinese surname that derives from the name of the ancient. Cai state. The surname is the 34th most common surname in China, 1 but the 9th most.

Together with Guan Shu and Huo Shu, they were known as the Three Guards. When King Wu died, his son King Cheng was too young and his uncle, the Duke of Zhou, became regent. Seeing that the power of the Duke of Zhou was increasing.

Thai law did not (and does not) allow identical surnames to those already in existence, 5 so ethnic Chinese formerly surnamed Chua incorporating words that sound like "Chua" and have good meaning (such as Chai, meaning "victory into much longer surnames. Notable people edit This.


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